Blackfaun Video Game Review


Blackfaun, as the name suggests, is set up around faun characters. Yes, I am literally referring to the mythological Greek Satyrs, half man-half goat. The game has been categorized as a role-playing game (RPG), whose development has been ascribed to two designers, Paul Phillips and Tom McMahon, a sound designer, Bombadeer Studios, and a composer, Varien. It was developed using the Wild Guess Software.

Launched in early December 2015, Blackfaun is said to have close resemblance to most dungeon crawler and seemingly rogue games such as Diablo, Alien Swarm, and the Binding of Isaac. As the player, you get a great feel and interaction with your own character since you assume the role of fictitious characters in fictitious scenery.

The Setting

The player wears the shoes of the character, Eri, who has been sent on a mission by her family to ace all the levels by defeating the bosses in each stage. The mission is meant to test her courage and endurance. Along with her on the undertaking is Pan, her brother and Lex, her companion.

Through every stage, you will encounter enemies who have been brought your way to challenge your success. Each one has its own attack strategy. These enemies include war brute, dream eater, wolf warden, goblin totem, and stone blade grunt. You get to encounter them in the forest, Lyre Wood Vale and in an abandoned temple, Dusk Haven Sanctuary.

In order to beat the enemies and bosses, you are equipped with two tools of attack, the slug, and the ability to refresh and rejuvenate your energy levels. As you kill the enemies, you derive strength from them and better health to continue in the quest.


Blackfaun has two main stages, and each stage has at least four levels. The levels are divided into rooms whereby, with each room, you find bosses and enemies to slay, equipment to win over and treasure to loot. Every slot has a role to play in conquering the voyage.

In some stages, you come across vendors, where you can buy your way into accessing more loot chests. A higher number of treasure means you earn better stats, which also means you gain more experience. Through this, you stand a higher chance to defeat the enemies.

Interesting Features

Despite the interesting levels that the game has, it also brags its great graphic designs, animations, art, colors, and striking environments. It is able to peak the player’s interest and fun in the game.

Replaying a game repeatedly can be boring at times, but if the range of content is wide, then it makes everything better. Blackfaun has dynamic content, and that makes its replay ability interesting each time. It gives you a different feel and experience every time you play it.


What sounds better than a great reward? The game can prove difficult when there are enemies to conquer and some who are after you. It becomes frustrating when the enemy outdoes you. However, once you get a hang of the game, you begin to gather treasures and defeating the enemy, and with it, comes fulfillment.

Ben Krause is the Play Station fan of the family. He loves Assassin’s Creed, Batman, WWE and some Hockey games the most. He has been an accomplished video game player since age 3. He learned to read playing video games meant for kids a few years older than he is.

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